The objects of the Charity shall be as follows:-

To carry on the work of spreading the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ in such manner and by such means as the leadership including but not limited to the following:

a) To provide for the delivery of lectures and the holding of public meetings, concerts, exhibitions, classes, seminars and conferences calculated directly or indirectly to achieve any or all objects of the Charity.

b) To develop and provide training programs and to seek, recruit, train and commission workers for the promotion of the Christian faith.

c) To develop and implement Christian education programs

d) To provide welfare services, spiritual oversight, care, counsel and other assistance that may be deemed practical and advisable to those people referred to the Charity.

e) To publicise, print, record, distribute tracts, books, literature, magazines, tapes, films and other material.

f) To make donations, to assist, undertake the oversight of and/or in anyway co-operate with other individuals, organizations or churches of like faith in furtherance of the objectives of the Charity.

g) To acquire, purchase, borrow, hold, manage, own, lease, rent, sell, convey, mortgage, charge, invest, dispose of or deal with in any legal matter whatsoever, any real or personal property of any nature or description.  Any property acquired by the Charity may be used for educational, charitable and benevolent purposes.

h) To establish and maintain places for the Worship of God, our Heavenly Father.

j) To promote, conduct and carry out such activities and perform such services as are ordinarily carried out and performed by a church of the Christian Faith.

l) Such other objects as the Leadership may consider desirable in the interests of the members of the Charity as a whole.

m) Exercise all the powers of a natural person other than those which are prohibited by the Act and do all such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the said objects or any of them.